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Mursi from Egypt whines about prison food and requests for a medical exam to take place

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Mohamed Mursi, who is the former deposed president of Egypt and for around two years has been detained, is about to go through a medical test.

This is because he had continuously been complaining about the sort of food that was being served at the prison. This is what had been so far stated from the end of the state media.

Mohamed Mursi is also suffering from diabetes and has stated that the meals that he was getting to eat at the prison are extremely bad. This is why he has stopped now from eating prison food anymore as he feels that the food is not good enough for him. It might end up affecting his health even more, stated MENA which is the state news agency.

As per MENA, Mursi had also stated that the officials at the prison had deprived him of getting food from outside the prison. This is the reason why, he has completely stopped taking prison food anymore, while the officials of the prison did not come across t comment on any of the above reports.

Mursi at the moment is also facing charges of letting out the secret of the state to the president of Qatar. The judge until Sunday has adjourned the hearing and stated that it was essential that Mursi is shown to two doctors and that it was important for his health matters to be resolved.

Mursi who is an elder associate of the group called Muslim Brotherhood, which is now banned in the year 2012, was elected as the president of Egypt which was its very competitive elections. It was during mid-2013, that he was thrown away from this post and his powers was slashed away, after mss objection against his rule was being spread all over Egypt.


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