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NFL draft evals impacted Alabama chemistry

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Missouri’s contingent arrives Wednesday and will meet with local reporters at noon. Stay tuned. The main ballroom will be buzzing Wednesday morning, and there will be no shortage of Alabama fans in the hotel lobby to greet the Crimson Tide coach. Then he rattled off a 1,556-word opening statement before taking his first question.

Ohio State beat Alabama 42-35 on its way to the national title. All three were underclassmen. “I got some good feedback”, Ragland said.

(I guess my answer at age 15 would have been, “Uh, I play the drums”). “And our players showed it. So we’re going to have to do a better job of keeping our team where they need to be so that we can finish strong”.

He argued draft-eligible players shouldn’t receive their National Football League evaluations until after the college season is over due to the distraction factor.

Saban has somewhat of a point, as delaying the draft grading process until after the college football season would eliminate any conflict of interest or lack of motivation.

Those satellite football camps that Michigan football coach Harbaugh held in the backyards of other conferences – including one in Prattville, Ala. – aren’t against NCAA nor Big Ten rules, but they are prohibited by the SEC for its schools.

“Guys aren’t scared to play us anymore”, he said.

“I think it’s ridiculous the amount of publicity and excitement that we’re getting based off of 7-6”.

Why didn’t we hear this when they won back-to-back national titles in 2011 and 2012 and had a total of 17 players drafted from those teams with seven being first rounders?

Saban would like for Alabama to be more physical, tougher on the line of scrimmage and be relentless in the way players compete so they are “never affected by what happens in a game”.

“In college football, you probably lose 25 percent of your team every year, which makes it great; makes it fun to rebuild“, Saban said, noting that along with fresh faces, “we have some talented players”.

The talented defensive lineman, who was previously dismissed by Georgia, was let go by Alabama after being arrested for a domestic violence incident. Saban said in April. “So I think that’s one of our biggest things”. It’s against the law, and we respect the law, and we will continue to do things that respect the law and our organization. We all know that’s not true.

“Being specific to Jonathan Taylor …”

I would expect the timetable is something like Saban names the starter a couple of days before their season opener against Wisconsin and we see both Coker and Cornwell get reps into Week 2 against Middle Tennessee State before hosting Ole Miss the next week. But it is what it is. He was in zero tolerance, and therefore, we’ve moved on. He was in zero tolerance, and therefore, we’ve moved on. We’re not allowed to do it in our conference.

To the Southern media, it’s a salve that everything is fine, that those last two years and the losses to the Buckeyes and Auburn (and Oklahoma in the 2013 Sugar Bowl) were aberrations. Alabama was in the same position a year ago, and a standout emerged in Blake Sims.

“We just kind of do what we do at Mizzou”. “Thats a fact. Guys are coming in very happy and excited to play us. “You have to have respect for everybody you play because any can get hit in the mouth at any time”.

Nick Saban Speaks on Satellite Camps and Alabama QB Situation”/>


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