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Nine Out of 11 People in a Family are Dwarfs because of a Rare Condition

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It wouldn’t be surprising if I say that this Hyderabadi family is the weirdest family on the earth.

Well, this is all because of the rare condition which has made 9 people out of 11, in the family, dwarf.

Ram Raj Chauhan, a 52-year-old man, from Hyderabad India, has this rare condition called Achondroplasia. He is eldest and one among nine in the family, who suffers from the same condition.

He once said in a talk with a local reporter, “usually, we don’t want to go out as people make fun of us and ask silly questions. But for earning money, we have to go out”.

He adds “I work at a grocery store and on my way, I feel ‘awkward’ everyday”.


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