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Nokia tries to get back into business

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It’s no doubt important to say that Nokia was the most famous brand that helps the mobile industry to flourish for years. Every commoner had a nokia mobile phone especially in the early 2000.

The new smart phone industry totally ruined their business even though they managed to sell off their company equipment and service department to Microsoft.  Nokia faced some bad time once they tried to match with iPhone and other Android apps. They either needed to go for Android applications or Windows with the new Chief Executive Officer recruited from Microsoft. Still the progress was not up to the mark.

They are still trying to get back into their phone business. Even though they tried to be in partnership with Microsoft after launching Windows phone it didn’t have much grip in the market.  Brett Young mentioned clearly that Nokia shall be back pretty quickly as soon as they find a suitable partnership to grip the everyday operations of launching a mobile phone with the latest technology. Designing the hardware and software would be their first priority with even legalising the name of the product. This is how they launched the N1 tablet in business with Foxconn. It was still a rather failure than a blast.

No matter how a newly launched Nokia mobile phone looks like but it would be certainly supporting android applications. The Z launcher is still available on Google play store which is owned by Nokia.

Though it has become tough to get back the grip on the market that they had for more than a decade but still they have the possibility of returning back with a bang. They still hold the reputation of supplying excellent products which might motivate some foreign organisation to go in an agreement of launching a new set.


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