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Pensioner woke up singing folk song after three bypass surgery

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It was another very strange incident happened with the hospital team, as they were very much tensed while operating a 66-year-old man, whose heart stopped more than 40 times in an hour, but he (patient) woke up singing a folk song.

Well, it has been reported that Bekir Demirtas, 66, was taken into ICU ward of a hospital in the city of Erzincan in north-eastern Turkey, after he suffered heart attack.


Doctors finally found that his three main arteries were completely blocked.

He was then immediately taken for a four-hour surgery, which luckily went successful.

He was then recovering well, but suddenly his heart stopped beating. And this continued for around 40 times in an hour and finally came into life singing a folk song.

The whole team who was operating him was stunned seeing the scene.


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