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Perturbed neighbors of the arctic bears and scientists

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The residents at Ny-Alesund, which is known to be a distant Arctic settlement, never ever lock their homes. They are more than happy to forgo privacy options.

This is because there are probabilities that a polar bear might barge in and attack them. And thus they are ready to make a move out of their homes as quickly as possible. Previously a coal mining town, this research centre is located in Spitsbergen’s Norwegian island, which is also the home of the large polar bear community which is considered as one of the most severe landscapes on planet Earth.

Ny-Alesund, the northernmost enduring human settlement, hosts around about 150 scientists, technicians and researchers at the time of the Arctic summer, while the number o caretakers in the winter months drastically decrease due to the cold. The new arrivals are speedily taking off into the dos and do not sections of life within the close quarters, together with a frightening predator.

From the Franco-German Awipev institute, the head of the institute, Katherin Lang, advised that whenever anyone noticed a bear anywhere it would be best to go in any of the buildings and then immediately call for a caretaker. On each and every telephone the caretakers number had been marked so that immediate assistance could be provide.

Just two day before, there were two female bears that were spotted together with two of their cubs, just around four kilometers away from the base and were feeding on an abandoned walrus. Lang also came out stating that it is completely prohibited to move towards that direction, even if they were moving around with a gun. This was a warning which was spread all over and notices were even put all over the cafeteria. Those who are new to the region of Ny-Alesund are being cautioned and quickly being acquainted about the list of dos and don’ts to proceed with.


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