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Politician Destroyed His $254,000 Car Just By Fueling Petrol Engine with Diesel

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Car lovers will really feel the pain of destroying a newly bought supercar.

Well, the story goes to the Indian politician, who bought a $254,000 car for his son, which got destroyed within hours of buying just because of a silly mistake.

It has been reported that the politician, known only as Bava had bought newly launched Volvo XC90 T9 Hybrid for his son.

But next day, when his son took the car to refueling. The staff at the fueling station accidentally filled the petrol engine with diesel.

The car will now be taken to Bangalore, where its tank, as well as system, will be cleaned.

Meanwhile, Bava handled the situation very politely by saying that it’s just a “human mistake”. He said, “we respect humans, more than machines.”


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