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Pop Star Chris Brown is alleged for reneging a New Year’s Eve Contract

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Famous pop star Chris Brown was forbidden to leave Philippines from Wednesday. Chris Brown was alleged by a religious group that he denied obeying the contract he made with them to do a concert in 2014.

But the Govt. is saying these days that Chris, 25-year-old, Grammy winner, should not leave the Philippines without settling the issues with them. Chris also performed in Manila on Tuesday. The immigration bureau said this.

A famous Church of Christ named Iglesia ni Cristo alleged Chris Brown that he failed to come to the concert for the New year’s eve at an Iglesia-owned indoor stadium on Northern Outskirts of Manila on 31st December.The chief operating officer of this incident is Glicerio Santos.He showed a letter given by Justice Department to the reporter stating that Chris and his Filipino Promoter defrauded the indigenous sect.

Santos wrote a letter to the Justice department saying that he would encourage any help from them against the men, who have this talent and who does such fraudulent schemes to get money from legitimate parties all over the country.

The pop-star reported to press once that he has lost his passport. He was not able to leave Philippines to go to Manila for the New Year’s Eve concert. This press release made them bit uneasy.In the meantime after this press release they were unreachable as they were tried for their comment on their words.

But the spokesperson of the justice department Elaine Tan stated that the department ordered the pop star to get the clearance from govt. stating that Chris is free from all allegations and legal obligations.

In this context the justice department Philippines said that the prosecutors will study the Iglesia allegations to decide if any basis is there to bring any charges against Chris Brown and his Filipino Promoter


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