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Rafael Nadal Stopped his Game For Reunion Of A Mother & Her Lost Daughter

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Rafael Nadal is someone who doesn’t need any introduction. The whole world know him as a great tennis player but very less people know that he is also a very soft hearted person.

Well, a recent incident prove so.

Actually, he was in his hometown, Majorca, to play an exhibition doubles against John McEnroe and Carlos Moya with his partner Simon Solbas.

While playing the game, he noticed a chaos in the crowd (audience).

A mother was then displayed on the TV screens, who was looking for her lost daughter.

Nadal immediately paused the game, so that the officers couldn’t feel problem in searching for the daughter.

Luckily, the little daughter was found minutes later and the game was then continued, in which Nadal and his partner won by 3-6, 6-3, 10-8.


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