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Rescue team reached to crashed plane in Indonesia

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There was an air crash in eastern Indonesia on Monday. This plane was missing with total 54 people.

According to rescue agency the plane has been started from Papua’s Capital, Jayapura on Sunday before 3:00 pm and operated by carrier of Indonesia Trigana Air and suddenly lost contact to traffic control. It is said that the plane named ATR 42-300 twin turboprop was flying with 5 children, 44 adult and five crew members.

It was scheduled to fly 45 minutes in total. This plane disappeared before reaching Oksibil, in the mountainous site at the Jayapura’s South side. The wreckage has been found by the transport ministry. The villagers had found the plane. The information was verified by official from local people.

According to J.A. Barata, the transport ministry spokesman, the weather was cloudy and dark. Another flight was sent to the area by Trigana Air when the plane was unable to land. But the bad weather disabled to spot the plane. Beni Summaryanto, the captain, said that the weather of that area was unpredictable because it can turn into windy, dark and foggy without any warning. The failed plane was not overcrowded as the capacity of the plane was 50 passengers.

Trigana Air was established in the year 1991. It is a small airlines and it could operate to 40 destinations throughout Indonesia. As per the Aviation Network, 14 incidental were happened after starting it’s operation. This airline has been blacklisted from the aerospace of European Union. A military plane was also crashed in June in Medan and 142 people were dead. Indonesian airlines are expanding but these are struggling hard to train the personnel to make growth overall.


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