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Restaurant ordered to pay $3 million after it served a dish with WIRE

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Going to a restaurant and having some best food is always the best part of life but what if you immediately have to transfer to hospital after having food.

Well, this may shock you but its true story as something similar happened with a family who went to dB Bistro Moderne, in Manhattan.

Barry Brett and his wife ordered a dish which was unfortunately served with a ‘WIRE’.

Barry only knew about the wire in food, when it got stuck in his throat.

He was immediately transferred to a hospital, where he underwent a surgery to remove the 2.5-inch wire.

The couple then sued the restaurant asking 3 million dollars as compensation.

The court heard the matter and gave the decision in favor of Barry family.

The court made the restaurant pay $3 million to the family and $1 million as fine for their negligence.


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