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Sleek and smooth wearable unveiled by Moov Helps in tracking exact motion

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Moov did make quite a bit of a name in the previous year. It’s very first reliable and brilliant fitness wearable product did not only help to count your steps, but did a lot more than that.

It helped to precisely track down the movement of your body basically in three dimensions. And it also used the very same data to power trainer apps in mobiles, which did also bring a personal touch.

However, the company is now back again, with the new product which is known as ‘MOOV NOW’ which is a smoother, smaller and also a simmer device. And its chief purpose is to help you achieve ultimate workout. As for its work, it functions quite closely, much the same work as the previous product that is the original MOOV. You can easily strap it around your ankle, arm and wrist and will be able to conveniently utilize a flotilla of apps helping you to trail specific workouts.

Also on your exact movement you also will be able to gain advices from the virtual fitness coach. For example, in case, your running stride is very hard, or, in case, the strokes that you take while swimming is not good enough, you will be advised as to amend your moves. However when you look at the very fist tool it is quite large as a typical watch face, on the other hand, MOOV NOW is more or less quarter of its size. You can easily use replaceable watch batteries which will run for around six months whereas its predecessor had to get charged daily. If you to need one of these effective device then you can easily MOOV NOW which is available for $60 and it will get retailed for about $100.



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