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Smarter ways of detecting depression

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Purple robot is the new app which can detect depression up to 87%, as confirmed by one of the developers of the app Mr. Sohrob Seab. The Medical Internet journal published this news about a week ago.

A research of Northwestern University in Illinois also stated that spending more than an hour in the morning on a smartphone can itself be sign of severe depression.

The various signs of such illness can be isolation from the real world outside and refuse to acknowledge their feelings. A growing research also states that more time you spend on your phone, the more likely that you are depressed.

Seab also went on to state that the phone’s data is more accurate in detecting depression and better than many kinds of counseling where they have various types of question which the patients are not always eager or comfortable to answer. Initially a group of eight males and twenty females were asked to fill up a standardized questionnaire, which helps them to detect depression levels.

The questionnaire asked various kinds of symptoms of depression, such as sadness, loss of pleasure, helplessness, loss of appetite and sleep and also difficulty in concentrating. Researchers then studies the data of these 28 candidates and found about 14 of them were not depressed and the remaining were slightly and moderately depressed.

The study also shows that a depressed person spends more than 68 minutes on a phone while a normal one spends only 17 minutes. The average amount of time a person browses the internet has rocketed high over the last few years.

Location is also a determining factor of determining depression. A depressed person does not generally go to many places and it reflects the lack of motivation too. However these studies can only be confirmed when they will be tested on a larger mass of people.





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