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The 3 worst trends of fitness

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People are always worried about their fitness. And they try hard to keep themselves look young with their growing age.

But unfortunately sometimes they follow the worst trends of fitness which ultimately cause harm to their health. With the increasing fitness business day-by-day the weirdest fitness trends are finding their path into daily life.

Be aware of the bizarre trends and avoid them to maintain your good health. Here are 3 worst fitness trends discussed.

Toning shoes:

The Sports companies have taken up this trend for fitness to mix the effect of raising shoes and toning. It sounds quite interesting. But unfortunately it does not work any way except working for the trainers. This has been found out by the study of American council on Exercise. So, please save your money and have a pair of long-lasting trainers and enjoy your training or exercise session.

The pills or powder for weight loss:

These are things which people love to have in order to get a nice body. But these pills or powders do not contain any nutritious value. They are completely wastage of money and wrongly called as the fitness trend. Spend your money to eat fresh fruit and meat instead. Go for exercise at least thrice a week and sleep well. Avoid these weight loss products as they can affect your body to huge extent also.

The Hawaii chair:

Unknowingly people love this chair as a fitness trend. This so simple chair with swiveling base helps in moving the user from side to side. Is this called an exercise? It’s actually funny to swivel with side to side movement. If anyone wants to move from side to side, s/he must do it manually by themselves. No need to spend hard earned expenses in buying such a Hawaii chair.


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