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The new Microsoft’s free upgrade for Windows 10 is not good news for Intel

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There will soon be Windows 10 upgrades for free from Microsoft later during the month. However, this will most probably not turn out being quite great news for its longtime partner, Intel, which is a chip making giant worth $140 billion.

If you are wondering why, the reason behind it is pretty much easy to comprehend. Each time a fresh and new Windows operating system is being released from the end of Microsoft; there are several customers who end up purchasing new PCs so that their set up gets upgraded.

However if free updates is offered from the end of Microsoft for its operating system to all its current set of users who are using Windows 7 and 8.1, there will be people flocking to only upgrade their software and they will not feel the need to get their PC replaced. Simply as that, and this also sounds reasonable!

Hence, from bit of information we get to understand that the sale of PC will gradually lower down and all the companies which are making through PC elements and components such as Intel which drives almost major portion of its sale through PC chips might also notice a drop in their sales in the upcoming months time span.

As per the viewpoint of some early PC OEMs, they will not be expecting soon a huge jump in the area of PC sale, and the only reason behind this is because Windows 10 upgrades will be provided from the end of Microsoft for free. Due to this recent update the industry will get hugely affected and so afar it comes to new PC purchases there is nothing much that could be done, stated Mike Hung the analyst from Gartner.

Gartner also expects that there will be a drop of sale of PC in the global shipment arena from 9.5% sales to dipping down to 4.5% this current year.


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