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The Office Boy of This Company has Earned $75,000, You would surely want to know how

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Putting everyone on shock, an office boy will take home more than $75,000 from his company, just because he is one of the oldest company staff.

The payment gateway company, PayU has acquired India’s 2011 startup company, Citrus Pay for $130 Million in cash.

But wait, we are not getting into the technicality or details of who and why acquired this company.

We are here to discuss that the office boy of Citrus Pay will get around $75,000 and that’s because he was one of the oldest employee working for the company.

Around $6,300,000 is allocated as returns on the employee stock option plan (ESOP), which will be distributed among 50 employees who were working for the company.

Now, the office boy is also among them, and he will get around $75K.

Isn’t this great.



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