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The receding of Arctic ice – Tracking has begun

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Not much back, the skeleton personnel overwintering from the Ny-Alesund research centre could easily walk past the frozen bay area of the Arctic town. And they can gradually race down their mobiles right across the surface!

Even in the coldest of months, you will come across liquid water, which is the present times scenario of the region and sadly the glaciers have been noticed to have receded back every year at the rate of hundreds of metres. This is the reason why alien species from are encroaching upon the bay section making it their homes, as they are coming from warmer climes says longtime residents from Norwegian island of Spitsbergen which is quite a thinly populated town.

From the Franco-German Awipev research station one of the technicians named Juergen Graeser stated that during the era of 1990’s they would through the snow mobiles, easily be able to pass the bay. Graeser collects atmospheric, weather and chemical data for the research station. It was during 2003-04 that they could for the very last time, walk through it.

After 2007, Kongsfjorden fjord or better known as the bay which slices into the western coast of the island has not yet iced up even for a single time, stated Sebastien Barrault who works for a company named Kings Bay logistics and is positioned as the research adviser.

In the current day during the winter season the bay quite closely looks like it’s summery such as a huge area of water spread out speckled with icebergs and with patches of ice sheet which has been formed by the glaciers.

The island is located only 1,000 kilometres south of the region of North Pole and for always its temperature would reach the higher latitude due to the presence of warm ocean current which mostly glides through the west coast area.


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