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The Specification of this smartphone is making people crazy and the reason is genuine

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Recently the smartphone giant, Apple has launched iPhone 7 and people are getting on it.

But what I am going to tell is way crazier than iPhone 7.

Well, a smartphone company called Turing has announced its smartphone, which probably hit the market in 2018.

The specification, which the company is talking about is something you won’t believe at.

The phone will be called as Turing Monolith and its said that it will get RAM of 18 GB  with 786 GB Internal Memory for your videos, photos, and other stuff.

It will consist of 3 Snapdragon 830 processors, that’s about 6 times the processing of a regular phone.

As far as display is concern, the Turing phone will get a 4K display of size 6.4 inch.

Not only this much, it will have a rear camera of 60MP and front camera of 20MP. Now you can imagine the quality of selfie we can have.

Unfortunately, only this much information is available by now.


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