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The team player Richie McCaw standing alone

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Richie McCaw is the uncompromising and inspirational captain of New Zealand Rugby team. He will be the greatest player in Test at his 142nd match on Sunday.

He is now at the same position with Brian O’Driscoll who was the former Ireland Captain. Being an ultimate team man he has done his record leading and others have to follow him. He is now on 34 and he wins three times world’s best player award. He faced two bad seasons but after joining the first team got back world cup. He is the happiest person to leave a sign in the world champions’ success.

His memorable victories are the test wins against the Irish and British lions in Wellington in 2005 being vice captain of Tana Umaga. He is 21 years old and he takes all these as a good challenge. He will replace them who get success. Every day until late night he practices by beating the books on his desks.

When he comes on pitch he grounded there. He becomes ruthless and tough. Some people may get surprised as Smith said that it was either Dan or Richie. He also said that they thought like this as they were super stars and they were going to do something different.

All the players of the Blac team would try to recover from the first loss against Australia after four years on Saturday. Both the teams met in Auckland in the match of Bledisloe Cup. Black team would try a lot to keep the world cup. The McCaw said that they would the crack the match and won the world cup.


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