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There is a ‘good time’ to shave your legs and its related to body temperature

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As we all have several options to get rid of unwanted hairs but any of them aren’t so ‘easy’.

I mean, if you use ‘creams’, it leaves a bad smell and can also sting. If you use a normal razor, it usually ends up with cuts. If you go for waxing, it is equal to slamming your hands repeatedly on doors. If you go for Laser treatment, it leaves your pocket empty.

But wait, here we are not explaining which method is good for you, but we are here sharing the time in a day, which is expected to be good for shaving your hairs by any method.

According to some beauty experts, shaving your hairs in the morning, at the time of the shower, isn’t a healthy practice.

They say that shaving in night helps to keep the hairs as well as pores soft and smooth.


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