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This new hybrid Robot is soft and hard

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Yes, scientists have introduced tough and soft –hybrid robots. We have always seen robots with strong, rigid arms. Robots were strong, precise too but they were not able to wriggle through the obstacles.

But scientists introduced this 3D-printed bot having soft outside and hard inside. According to Nicholas Bartlett, this type of soft multilayered robots can get accustomed with different environments of even of Mars, Moon and can withstand different weathers. We can use these bots in critical applications also like Search and Rescue Missions in emergency situations.

This concept of making soft outer robots comes from the very Nature itself. The Octopus is soft throughout its body but its beaks are rigid. The combination of softness and rigidity is always helpful. Previously rigid robots were vulnerable to big bumps, scrapes, twists and falls. Whereas a hybrid robot survived 35 falls and the rigid strong robots survived 5 jumps only.

This new hybrid robot has three pneumatic legs and a belly that can be stretched. When this bot wants to move, it first selects the direction and then inflates its legs to the direction it decided to move. This robot body contains battery, Oxygen gas and Butane cell as fuel, Cartridge and  air compressor and a combustion chamber. Its core is made of two hemispheres.

The combustion starts due to the butane and oxygen mixture which forces the bot’s belly to fluff externally and that helps the bot to catapult into the air. That’s why it can jump more than 300 consecutive times. When this miniature was tested it jumped a height of 2.5 feet i.e. 0.75 meters, which is more or less 6 times of its own height. It can also withstand better landing impacts-according to the test.

The researchers say that these hybrid bots are even better than soft robots. These new hybrid robots can absorb even 3 times more shock than soft ones. So, the world of researchers believes that this hybrid robot will be more robust, handier, stronger and more useful to human.


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