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Turing Robotic Industries creates an smartphone that transfers data with 5G speed

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A California based company, Turing Robotic Industries, have invented a smartphone which they claims can transfer data such as video and pictures with the speed of 5G.

It’s been reported that the company have created a case called the Turing Armor, for their $999 worth smartphone and claims that this Armor helps in transferring data with a huge speed.

They even have uploaded a video, which shows around 3.2GB of data transfer in 25 Seconds.

They have explained about the technology called WiGig, which is used in this Armor – a Wi-Fi like network that allows data to be transferred with high speed.

However, this features is limited as both the devices would need the Armor for high speed data transfer.

The Turing Armor costs around $179 along with the smartphone which costs around $999.


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