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Turkey took action against PKK & IS

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Turkey has snatched the chance to attack on Kurdish militants after hesitations of long days of taking action against Islamic State jihadists. The path to peace of Turkey was not so smooth and also disturbed.

IS targets were defeated by Turkey continuously from Friday inside Syria. A suicide bomb in Syria killed 32 people. Due to continuous pressure from the U.S., Turkey had to take destructive steps against the jihadists. To defeat the Kurdistan Workers Party’s (PKK) military forces Turkey also arranged active campaign throughout the borders. The campaign was arranged in northern Iraq. The bomb attacks were the biggest attack since 2011 and Kurdish separatists were held responsible for these attacks.

Ankara has taken part in both campaigns in this continuous war which was happening in borders.  But secular PKK and Islamist IS were against of each other. Both of them were bitterly enemies. Recep Tayyip Erdogan is the President of the ruling party “Justice and Development Party” (AKP). He wanted to get points with voters on the poles of 7th June after this unsatisfactory performance as said by the analysts.

The President also prevented Kurdish militants and stopped them to take position in Syria. PKK is considered as revolutionary team by Turkey. PKK is in charge in Southeast Turkey from 1984 as a terror team. PKK’s Syrian Branch, the Democratic Union Party (PYD) has been fighting with IS as their main enemy.

Marc Pierini is the visiting scholar of Carnegie Europe. He said that PKK and IS are considered as equal in terms of terrorism by the Government but they have separate entities. So government needs to give concentrations both of these groups to stop their activities. The author of “The Kurdish Nationalist Movement” Romano said that Ankara could hit many birds at a time. Turkey is now permitting the US to take measurable actions.


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