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Twitter shares fall as growth of monthly users slows

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On Tuesday the share of Twitter Inc took a steep bow of about 11 percent. And the micro blogging company came out stating that since 2013, the number of its average users monthly has been mounting at the slowest pace.

Jack Dorsey came out stating that this as something extremely deplorable. And they are not at all happy about the present scenario. The company stated that its core users were around 304 million in the second quarter, while in the first quarter it was 302 million, which means it had taken a little jump.

The investors keep getting worried as twitter tries to fight out ways to increase its number of audience. And they are trying their best to heed attention towards the company’s growth potential while the last figures did quite less to comfort or support them.

Due to the recent data, users seemed to get eclipsed die to the earnings of the second-quarter and the revenue which had surpassed expectations upbeat projection for the upcoming revenue. It was also made very much clear by the executives that it is a long process and they were actually very honest about the issues which rose with the services.

Anthony Noto also stated that they were not expecting much change or persistent significant growth in the area of monthly active users unless they worked on tactics to reach out to the mass market. He also stated that they have not evidently communicated the unique worth of Twitter which is the reason why many non-users still keep on cropping the question as to why should they use it. Well to put it simply, it is not easy and comes out as quite a complicated product to use.


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