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Tyga Ready to Marry Kylie Jenner- Takes permission from Caitlyn Jenner

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Tyga is becoming very official; he is asking Caitlyn Jenner’s permission to marry her daughter, Kylie Jenner. He sent Caitlyn a wonderful bunch of roses with his request to marry Kylie.

Tyga has already proposed to Kylie to marry him. She will become 18 on 10th of August, 2015.

Tyga could not manage to be a part of the 2015 ESPYS where Caitlyn Jenner was presented the high-status Arthur Ashe Award. Tyga, the boyfriend of Kylie, sent Caitlyn a bunch of white roses and a champagne bottle to show his gratitude to her. He also sent Caitlyn his request letter asking her to give her daughter’s hand to him. In the letter he gave his reason why he could not be present at the ESPYS and asked forgiveness from her.

He expressed his intense love for her daughter, Kylie, and requested her to grant permission to him to marry her daughter. He even requested her to walk down the aisle with her daughter, Kylie, in her marriage day. Tyga wants to gain Caitlyn’s faith and wants her to believe him. He wants her to accept him as her son in law Kanye West. Tyga wants to become a part of the Jenner family, so he wants Caitlyn to accept him whole heartedly.

Well, Caitlyn received the letter and the bouquet which was sent to her by Tyga, but she wants Kylie, her daughter, to rethink about marriage with Tyga, as she is too young now to marry. Moreover, Tyga has a son too. Caitlyn fears that her daughter, Kylie, is too young to handle such situations so she wants her to decide her future suitably. She does not want Kylie to suffer in life so she should decide her future course of action with Tyga correctly. She should take her time to decide. We have to wait till Kylie’s birthday to get the answer.


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