Unlocking the Power of AI : Google’s Enhanced Search Experience Arrives in India

Google's AI powered search is now available in India

When introducing the new Bing, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella drew some interesting comparisons with other online search engines. It was referred to as “Google and the ‘800-pound gorilla'” by him. There is no denying that Google has long had a monopoly-like position in the web search market. It is quite clear that during the past several years, the company’s name has come to be associated with the habit of searching the internet for information.

More About Google AI Search in India

The Google search that we are all familiar with just underwent a huge change. During this year’s Google I/O, the company’s annual mega-event, the AI-powered Google Search was presented.

And right now, not only in the United States but also in India and Japan, there is a totally new approach to search. This new function was previously restricted to the United States. In a recent blog post, the company declared that they are broadening SGEE (Search Generative Experiences) in order to reach more individuals.

The business writes in its blog post, “This week, we launched Search Labs outside the U.S. in India and Japan – which helps individuals more rapidly comprehend issues, shed new views, and acquire insights in SGEE. Make the task easier.

An additional particular feature for India is mentioned in the blog post. Users who are multilingual in Hindi and English will be able to quickly flip between the two languages to make forward and backward movement easier. Additionally, Indian users have the option to listen to responses, which is a preferred feature. Regarding adverts, they will still show up on the entire search page in a specific spot.

Google’s new method of searching incorporates data from the internet and presents it to consumers in a unified way, much like Microsoft’s AI-powered Bing. You typically see a list of links to webpages when you search on Google, and you must click through each link to find the information you need. Instead, Google will handle everything for the user with SGEE and display an AI-generated summary at the top of search results. Additionally, Google is emphasizing the need of making search more “visual” from its standpoint by incorporating a number of photos in the results.

How do the backlinks to the original web pages stand up? They will be there, but in order to access the original links, users will need to scroll beyond the AI-generated summary.


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