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Waiter was handed a very rude note instead of tip by two women

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Few people are so rude that they don’t even think for a second before hurting anyone.

Well, a two ladies after eating in a restaurant did something similar.

Actually, both unnamed ladies were at Buffalo Wild Wings in  Louisville, Kentucky, and after finishing their food, they instead of giving some tip to the waiter wrote something very rude for the gay waiter.

The note reads “Sorry I don’t tip fa****s. #UNeedJesus”.

Waiter, Kyle Griffith, left heartbroken as he never expected something like this from a customer.

Speaking with local media, he said: “I depend on those tips to be able to pay my bills and everything else … to live, to eat, everything”.

However, when the image of the bill went viral on social media, the girls then approached him to apologize.


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