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Wendy Wants 18 Million Retweets For a Year of Free Chicken Nuggets

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A 16-year-old, tweeted to the famous fast food giant, Wendy, asking for how much retweets it needs to offer him free chicken nuggets for a year.

Well, nobody was expecting any reply from the company but surprisingly, the official twitter handle replied to his question with a number, 18 million.

It means that the boy, Carter Wilkerson, will have to get 18 million retweets for this post for getting a free subscription of chicken nuggets for a year.

Now, the most interesting fact is, the post has gone viral and so far it has received more than 2 million retweets.

As per as reports, the record of most retweeted tweet on twitter goes to Ellen DeGeneres, but it seems that Carter will soon break this record.

Several celebrities and companies like Amazon, Google, United Airlines have also retweeted this carter’s campaign tweet.


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