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When you do not take bread anymore? What happens?

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Staying fit and following the low-carb is the deal for the day and so much in demand. Dieters today are trying it all and experimenting with their carb intake and trying to stay as strong as possible.

Many are also cutting down on refined grains. So, let us know about the things that happen when you stop taking bread bags:

You start to lose water weight:

When you are all set and reduce the intake of carb, you will start to notice unknowingly that you have shed a lot of weight. However you are not losing body fat, it’s the water that you are losing. Dietitian Marie Spano states that when carbs are present in the body in the form of glycogen, every little gram of carbohydrate tends to score around four times the eight in water. This is why as you leave carbs you will start to utilize the glycogen that is already been stored, thus dropping a whole lot of good amount.

You get infected with the low-carb flu:

The chief source of energy for the brain is carbs and the moment a person leaves it, the brain starts to run on fumes mostly because then the glycogen stores stats to reduce greatly and it starts getting exhausted. Thus with time, when all the stored glycogen is used, the fat of your body starts to break down and also starts to run down carbon fragments which is known as ketones. Due to this, you start feeling weak, get exhausted quickly, insomnia, bad breath, brain fog takes place, get dizzy and also get a feeling of nausea.

In short, you start to feel that you have flu. Ultimately your body gets adopted to run on ketones and eventually you get stable and do not feel that bad. However even then they are not quite a preferred fuel source for your system.


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