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Woman Had Hiccups For Eight Years – How She Cured Them Finally is Really Interesting

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Getting hiccups is quite a natural thing, but getting hiccups continuously for eight long years is not normal.

Well, we are talking about Danielle Kirkland, who started having hiccups in the year 2008 which she managed to stop recently.

In 2008 itself, she went to several doctors including gastric, ear, nose and throat, and lung specialists and at the end, she came to know that she was suffering from “chronic hiccups”.

In a talk with local media, she said: “I was thrown out of my college because everybody thought I was doing this deliberately”.

She added that her condition started to show some improvement when she started taking Tizanidine, a drug that is used as a muscle relaxant.

In few months, her condition became very normal.


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