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Yanis Varoufakis confesses back up plan for euro exit

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Yanis Varoufakis, former finance minister of Greece, has been pushed back to the focus. This is because as he strongly defended the plans to initiate a system of parallel payment in the occasion of the nation being expelled from the euro.

The candid politician acknowledged that a small group or team under him had developed a system of parallel payment. The scheme which was kept secret would have alleviated the way to the coming back of the drachma which was the country’s previous currency.

He stated that Greece’s finance ministry would have remained careless if it had made no further attempt to prepare back up plans.  However, Varoufakis who had resigned earlier on this month to expedite discussions between left ran government of Athens and the creditors, repudiated that the team had functioned as a rogue component outside of the policies of government or outside the limits of the law.

He also added that the working group of finance ministry worked solely within the outline of the policies made by the government and the recommendations which were provided always tried to aim at serving the interest of the public and at respecting the land’s laws.

Prior to this, a meeting call among Varoufakis and investors was organized by the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum on Monday and a recording of the discussion was released between Varoufakis and other financial professionals on 16th July.

It was heard that Varoufakis asked to hack software programme of the ministry itself so that they could copy the online tax codes to find how the system to pay could be planned.

He also said that they were planning to make, secretly, standby accounts devoted to every tax file number, without informing anyone, in order to keep all these under cover and he also employed his friend to assist him to execute out the plan.


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